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Izvestia, January 14, 2005
One look at the Web site devoted to the 60th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War is enough for you to understand that officials have finally grasped the Internets propaganda power. The sensations it evokes are subjective: if as a teenager, I had had access to such an intelligent, interesting and diversified source of information about the Great Patriotic War, I would have probably signed up for the Suvorov Military Academy straight away.
Magazine Kommersant -VLAST No 32 (585) of August 16, 2004
This project, which opened as part of preparations for the 60 anniversary of VE-Day, can be called unique without any exaggeration: the archive materials of the Soviet news agency have never been published every day. The resources organizers did not confine themselves to the news component, though. A large collection of field photographs and information about military photographers are presented on the site.
Vedomosti daily, No 142(1182), August 11, 2004
The Russian News and Information Agency Novostis new interesting project Our Victory at may not be the first, but so far it is the best-designed and structured attempt to take on the Great Patriotic War. The most interesting thing it features is a series of accounts of war heroes relatives and reminiscences of those whose childhood was taken away by military action...
Mayak radio station, August 11, 2004
The new project on is not only a remarkable VE-Day resource devoted to the forthcoming 60th anniversary of Victory over the Nazis. It is there to remind all of us that we are not just observers we are the children and grandchildren of those who won the Great Patriotic War.
Itogi magazine No 32(426), August 10, 2004
The Russian News and Information Agency Novosti has launched a special project for the 60th anniversary of victory in WWII, or the Great Patriotic War - Our Victory. Day by Day, at On the surface, the project is just about publishing Sovinformburos daily situation reports, with the well-known Seventeen Moments of Spring (a famous Soviet wartime TV series) coming just in time for the Victory celebrations...
TV channel Kultura, August 10, 2004
The Great Patriotic War is not over yet it is online. Browse on the Net to Russian Information Agency Novostis recently opened WWII project Our Victory. Day by Day, featuring wartime songs, photos, letters from the battlefield, and Sovinformburos daily situation reports... electronic newspaper 09.08.2004
World War II, or the Great Patriotic War as it was remembered by those who looked it in the face. Or those who witnessed its consequences: burnt down villages, ruined cities, and columns of crippled people. What is left of the war? Two or three chapters in a history book, memorial plaques, and the date 1941-1945 we remember since school years. Time erases everything, said a poet. daily magazine 10.08.2004
The project Our Victory: Day by Day is an attempt to cover the last year of the Great Patriotic War once again. Information will be provided in two ways: Sovinformburo situation reports and frontline stories and photographs sent to us by our readers.
Russky Zhurnal 09.08.2004
In my opinion, the most interesting part of the project is the materials from family archives photographs, letters and recollections, without which history is never complete
WebPlanet 05.08.2004
You think the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 is long over and past? How wrong you are. Drop in the new RIA Novosti site and you will see that the battles continue on all fronts. Right this moment, Soviet troops are fighting in Lithuania, Poland and the Carpathians.

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