February 09th, 1945   
From the Soviet
  Information Bureau
Photographer unknown (from RIA Novosti Archive)

In the course of February 9, fighting south of KONIGSBERG in EASTERN PRUSSIA, our troops took by force over 30 settlements, including SNAKEINEN, BARSLAK, DINGORT, SLODITTEN, NEUEDORF, WOHRINEN, STABUNKEN.

Simultaneously, northeast of ELBING, our troops seized the town of FRAUENBURG on the FRISCHES HAFF Bay coast. Our troops had encircled the town of ELBING and fought to eliminate the enemy garrison.

Southeast of the town of STARGARD, our troops seized the settlements of GLAMBEK, KLEIN SILBER, STOLZENFELDE, POTZNIK, BRALLENTIN, DOLITZ, PLONCICH and encircled the enemy garrison in the town of ARNSWALDE. Fighting in this area on February 8, our troops took over 800 Nazi men and officers prisoner.

In BUDAPEST, our troops continued fighting to eliminate the encircled enemy garrison, seizing 15 blocks. Fighting in the western part of the city (BUDA) on February 8, our troops took over 900 enemy men and officers prisoner.

South of the town of SZEKESFEHERVAR, our troops seized, as a result of the attacks carried out, the large settlements of SOPONYA, KALOZ, DEG, LAJOSKOMAROM, ENYING, SIOFOK.

On February 8, 174 German tanks were disabled and destroyed on all fronts. A total of 55 enemy aircraft were brought down in aerial combat or by anti-aircraft guns.

South of the city of Konigsberg in Eastern Prussia, our troops pierced, as result of fierce battles, the line of the enemy’s permanent fortifications, seizing 102 iron-and-concrete fortified gun and machinegun weapon emplacements. Soviet units have advanced by six km and are fighting on the approaches to the town of Preussisch-Eylau.

Northeast of the town of Elbing, our troops, crushing enemy resistance, advanced along the coast of the Frisches Haff Bay. On the approaches to the town of Frauenburg, Soviet units met with especially stiff resistance from the Nazis, who had entrenched themselves on the positions prepared in advance. This line consisted of several lines of trenches, iron-and-concrete fortified weapon emplacements, as well as a wide anti-tank ditch and minefields. With the help of sappers, Soviet rifle and tank units took up a lightening attack, pierced enemy defenses and started street fighting in the city. Today, our troops routed the enemy garrison and seized the town of Frauenburg. In the fighting for this enemy defensive stronghold, the 391st Nazi infantry regiment was completely routed, while its commander – Lt. Col. Slauen – taken prisoner. The 311th Nazi Marines battalion was eliminated. Battalion commander Major Richard and several surviving soldiers surrendered. Other Nazi units are also sustaining heavy losses.

On that day, our troops eliminated several thousand Nazis. Over 60 enemy tanks and self-propelled guns were disabled and burnt. A total of 11 tanks, 95 guns, 140 cars, 20 locomotives and about 500 railway cars with military cargoes were captured from the Nazis. Over 2,600 Nazi men and officers were taken prisoner.

from "RIA Novosti" archives

   ... 09 February 1945...   

 From the Soviet
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