August 14th, 1944   
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Photo M. Grinberg (from RIA Novosti Archive)

In the course of August 14, west and south-west of the city of PSKOV, our troops continued their offensive, in the course of which they captured city and railroad station ANTSLA, and occupied more than 100 other settlements, among them VERHULITSA, KAHKU, TSIRKASKI, SOMERPALU, TSORU, SANNA, MURATI, SKRONI, AIZUPE, and SALNI, and railroad stations VAGULA and SOMERPALU.

In the area of RASEINIAI (ROSSIYENY) our troops repulsed attacks by large numbers of enemy infantry and tanks.

Troops of the 2nd BELORUSSIAN Front, continuing their offensive, on August 14 stormed and captured a strongpoint of German defenses on the River BIEBRZA — the city and fortress of OSOWIEC.

North-west and west of the city of SANDOMIERZ, our troops, repulsing counter-attacks by enemy infantry and tanks, fought to widen their bridgehead on the left bank of the River VISTULA.

On the other sectors of the front, all was relatively quiet.

During August 13, our troops on all fronts disabled or destroyed 79 German tanks. A total of 22 enemy planes were brought down in air battles or by anti-aircraft fire.

West and south-west of the city of Pskov, our troops continued their successful offensive. Units of the X-formation, in hot pursuit of the enemy, advanced 25 kilometers. Soviet soldiers had to cross many streams on their way, used by the Germans as intermediate defense lines. The enemy put up a particularly stubborn resistance on the approaches to the city of Antsla, situated 22 kilometers east of the Riga-Tallinn railroad line. Following fierce fighting, our troops captured city and railroad station Antsla. The enemy suffered heavy losses in manpower and materiel. One our unit alone destroyed more than 400 Germans and seized 29 artillery guns, 18 mortars, 7 six-barrel mortars included, 44 machine guns, 3 radio stations, 2 ammunition dumps, and one ration supply depot. South-west of the city of Pskov, our troops wiped out a German infantry battalion and took 270 prisoner. All the battalion's armaments and transport were captured.

from "RIA Novosti" archives

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