October 17th, 1944   
From the Soviet
  Information Bureau
Photo A. Kapustyansky (from RIA Novosti Archive)

On October 17 to the west and southwest of RIGA, our forces continued an offensive to secure the following settlements: RIGAS JURMALA, SLOKA, VALTERI, GATCIEMS, USINAS, SILENIEKI, ZVIGULI, LIELCIEMS, MURMAJA, and the railroad stations of MELLUZI, ASARI, SLOKA, clearing the enemy out of the eastern bank of the river LIELUPE between SLOKA and JELGAVA (MITAVA).
In North Transylvania, our forces, together with the Romanian forces, secured over 80 settlements, including the town and railroad station of ZALEU, important settlements of RUSPOLANA, PETROVA, FELSO-RONA, RONASEK, BORCANFOLU, SURDOK, ROZAFALVA, BOTIZA, KUPSEN, MEGURENI, PRISLOP, MESTEAKEN, PUURKEREC, KOZLA, ZIBOU, ORTELEK, MARJINE, MARGITA, KIRALEU, KISLAZ, SIKUENI, DIOSIG, and the railroad stations of LEORDINA, PETROVA, VISOBISTRA, FELSORONA, ABRAM, MARGITA, SIKUENI, and DIOSIG.
In Yugoslavia, our forces, together with units of the People’s Liberation Army of Yugoslavia, entered Belgrade.
Bulgarian forces, fighting the Germans together with the People’s Liberation Army of Yugoslavia and our forces, took the Yugoslav town of PROKUPLE and important settlements of BELOLJIN and MEDVEDJA.
Reconnaissance operations and local fighting were reported elsewhere on the front.
On October 16, our forces destroyed 48 German tanks on all fronts. The Soviet air and air defense forces downed 73 enemy aircraft.

from "RIA Novosti" archives

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