March 27th, 1945   
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On March 27, the 3rd Belarussian Front troops were mopping up the enemy southwest of Konigsberg in the vicinity of the cape and took the settlements of Wolittnick, Schnakenberg, Follendorf and Lindenberg. On March 26, our forces captured eight aircraft, 113 tanks, 66 armored personnel carriers, 594 field guns, 350 mortars, 1,100 machineguns, 30 radios, 200 tractors and prime movers, 13,000 wheeled vehicles, 11 steam engines, 1,863 railroad cars and 78 depots with various military equipment. More than 4,000 prisoners were taken in the area on March 27.

The 2nd Belarussian Front troops carried on with the attack towards Gdansk (Danzig), taking the Gdansk (Danzig) suburbs of Ohra, Stabtgebiet, Altschottstadt, Tempelburg, Emaus, Zigankenberg, Heiligen, Langefort, Hochstriss, Legstriss, Reichkolony, Schellmuhl, Lauental and Brosen and advancing towards downtown Gdansk. At the same time, the Fronts forces maintained their offensive towards Gdynia to take the settlements of Lausekaule, Hochrodlau, Demptau, Pustkowiz, Zissau, Sagorsch, Janowo, Rahmel and Eichenberg and broke into the city of Gdynia where house-to-house fighting started. The Fronts troops captured more than 7,000 prisoners on March 26 and 27.

On March 27, The 1st Ukrainian Front continued their attack to take the towns of Strehlen and Riebnig (Rybnik) in Schlesien. Those were key road junctions and strongpoints of the enemy.

Northeast of Morawska Ostrawa, the 4th Ukrainian Front forces advanced to take the towns of Sorau and Loslau and more than 40 other settlements with Jankowitz, Wilchwa, Mszana and Jastrzemb among them.

Southwest of Esztergom, the 2nd Ukrainian Front troops took the settlements of Nyergesujfalu, Labatlan, Piszke and Sotto and threw off the remainder of the defeated enemy troops to the north bank of the Danube River. At the same time, the Fronts troops advanced the attack along the southern bank of the Danube to take the town of Acs and more than 40 other settlements with Nagyigmand, Bano, Beniratalap and Mezoeors and the railroad stations of Nagyigmana and Aszar among them.

The 3rd Ukrainian Front forces advanced between the Danube River and Lake Balaton to take the towns of Kisber, Tet, Celldomolk, Janoshaza, and Tapolcza and more than 200 other settlements, including Barsonyos, Sokoropatka, Morichida, Gyarmat, Egyhazaskeszo, Kemenesmagasi, Mersevat, Duka, Nyirad, Monostorapati, Koveskal, and Kovagoors and the railroad stations of Bakonyszombathely, Gyomoro, Vinar, Vobo, Tuskevar and Badacsonytomai.

Reconnaissance operations and local fighting continued throughout the rest of the front.

179 German tanks and self-propelled guns were damaged and destroyed and 37 aircraft were downed on all the fronts on March 26.


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